Aip License To Publish Agreement

Excess Page Fee: Excess Page Fee: Posted in RightsLink depending on the length of the article, the excess pages may be authorized by the publisher concerned. If the number of pages in the article exceeds the number of pages authorized by the newspaper publisher, RightsLink will post a tax on excess pages. Excess page charges cannot be changed and the order cannot be completed without the inclusion of this tax. Presentation/poster: A presentation/poster license allows you to reuse the publisher`s content in a presentation or on a poster. Newspapers are measured in printed units. The new license allows authors to retain copyright and encourages them to publish and share their accepted manuscripts as soon as they are adopted. You must not reuse parts of the AIP edition content for which you do not have a license. Dissertation/thesis: a thesis license authorizes an advanced candidate to reuse the material requested in his thesis or thesis. Academic clients can reuse the content for free, provided a license is obtained through the RightsLink service. Website/Internet (Open Access): A website/Open Access gives you the right to post requested content on a website (z.B. institutional repository, reference repository, national repository, corporate website, charity site, training site, corporate website, corporate website, personal website).

Email Confirmation: An email confirmation will be sent to you with your order details. You can reuse the content after receiving the order confirmation email in accordance with the license details and AIP publication terms. For the magazines listed below, AIP Publishing holds exclusive publishing rights, unless otherwise stated in the article: Journal/magazine: A magazine license gives you the right to reproduce the publisher`s content in a magazine or magazine. A journal is a publication that features articles on a particular topic. A journal is a publication that features articles on a variety of topics. A magazine/magazine license does not include the online license or CD-ROM/DVD (see digital reprint, CD-ROM/DVD or any other mode of use). AIP Publishing has partnered with the RightsLink service at the Copyright Clearance Center to provide a variety of options for reusing aiP Publishing content from its many publications. AIP Publishing has exclusive publishing rights for licensed content, and RightsLink is the service with which you purchase a license. The entire billing is managed by the copyright control centre. CD-ROM/DVD: A CD-ROM/DVD license allows you to reuse the publisher`s content on a CD-ROM or DVD, provided that such an edition of CD-ROM or DVD is not accessible online or through other means of multi-point distribution. A CD-ROM is a CD that can store computer data. A DVD is defined as an optical disk containing multimedia and/or computer data.

CD-ROMs and DVDs are measured in “engraved units.” Coursepack/ eReserve: A Coursepack/e-Reserve license allows you to reuse the publisher`s content as part of a racing pack or electronic reserve. Course packages are brochures, printed or electronic, of related articles, which have been created as complementary materials to study in a school or university.