Bloomsburg University Affiliation Agreement

The Alumni-Professional Engagement department identifies BU`s partner organizations, carries out partnership contracts and encourages internship opportunities in collaboration with faculty advisors at the four higher education institutions. If you`re having trouble finding an internship, you can find them at the Greenly Center in Bloomsburg or by email at You can also bring CV and cover letters and organize several career expos throughout the year on campus where you can meet employers long before there is no time to apply for an internship. Is there an accession agreement? Find out here. The first step in finding an internship is to consult your department advisor or secretary, who may have resources and suggestions to help you in your application process. You are responsible for research and application for internships on your own, the university will not offer you an internship. Other possibilities to find an internship are: There are two types of internships: those for university credits and those that are not academic. Non-university credit internships should not be audited through the university and are essentially voluntary or temporary employment in the student sector. As a general rule, you must have earned at least 2.0 GPA (Grade Point Average) to participate in an internship; All specific credits or courses required by your department. (Student education, field experience or stay required for certification or licensing are not of quality for university internship credits.) As with any credit course, your performance is also evaluated and you get a score. The scoring criteria are defined by your trainee teacher and your department. Your internship course and grade appear on your university transcript.

As with a job, you are expected to arrive on time, behave properly in the workplace and complete all the work assigned to you. Your department may require you to follow a daily newspaper or journal to track your work time and experience for scoring purposes. Some departments expect interns to attend seminars or group meetings. Whether for credit or non-credit, you will most likely need to submit a professional CV and may have to prepare for a job interview, whether personally, over the phone or virtually. Although it is not necessary for all internships, it is always useful to submit a CV and a cover letter with your application. If you need help or don`t know where to start, you can access the CV kits on Handshake and make an appointment via Handshake with a peer coach at the Greenly Center. you are responsible for the cost of teaching and certain fees, as you can earn 1 to 15 credits for the success of an internship, or 40 hours per credit in the workplace. Travel or accommodation costs may be incurred depending on the location. Some employers offer a scholarship to cover these costs, and there are other resources that can provide funds to offset the cost of participating in an internship, such as work experience grants Each Bloomsburg University student may participate in a non-university internship and those who meet the eligibility requirements may participate in an internship.

These requirements vary from department to department. Here too, the best way to learn your right to meet your advisor. Affiliation Agreement (form submitted by your advisor) After a meeting with your advisor, you can contact partner organizations directly that offer internship opportunities.