Labour Contract Agreement Qatar

1) The employment contract determines, among other things, the start date of work, the nature of the work, the place of work, the conditions of benefits and wages. 1) With the exception of amounts authorized by the Minister of Labour pursuant to Section 72, no part of the worker`s salary is deducted or withheld unless it is intended for the performance of a judicial decision or an agreement with the worker. 2) Workers paid each year or per month must be paid at least once a month. It can be deposited in writing with the worker in his account with a bank, in accordance with a written agreement between the two parties or a representative delegated to an employee. If a worker is a minor, his or her salary may be paid to his or her legal guardian or next of kin, who is of legal age, provided that the guardian or parent files a written application with the employer. 3) The Council of Ministers sets fees for work permits and renewals as well as replacement and tax exemption fees. The same applies to royalties that attest to corporate, private and public labels, as well as employment contracts, certificates and other documents, which are generally certified by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs. If a foreign worker has stopped working before the expiry of his contract and his salary exceeds 300 rials per month, he is not allowed to work elsewhere for the rest of his contract and he must leave the country. After departure, it is covered by the provisions of Article 2 of Law 3 of 1963 governing the entry and residence of foreigners in Qatar. If both parties continue to apply the terms of the contract after a clear agreement has expired, this contract is deemed renewed indefinitely and under the same conditions as those specified in the contract. Without violating the provisions of section 64 of this Act, any right to a right based on an employment contract is deemed invalid if it is not filed within one year of the end of the contract. : – Worker with a four-year contract and having spent three years with the current sponsor and completed without an additional year, can only return next year, until the expiry of his former contract term. “The service contract is certified in writing and by the Ministry of Labour and includes three copies, one copy to be provided to each party and the third copy to be filed with the Department.

A foreign worker with a new employment contract in Qatar may return the next day, provided he has met other requirements, such as visas. 3) In the event of a renewal of the contract, the new term is considered an extension of the duration of the previous contract and, in calculating his benefits and allowances for his length of service, the period of service of the worker begins to run on the date on which he began working for the first time. 4) If he has not fulfilled his basic obligations under the employment contract and has insisted that he does not comply with the employer`s reasonable instructions with respect to those obligations, despite a written warning to him because of his refusal to follow instructions; 5. Duration of the contract: the date on which he signed the new employment contract is the date on which his contract is counted.