Manitoba Physician Master Agreement

“We are confident that this new agreement will ensure a better future for all physicians and support our commitment to your professional, economic and personal well-being,” the organization`s president, Dr. Fourie Smith, wrote in a memo to the Free Press this week. While other health unions have sued the Manitoba government for a legal wage freeze, the province has tacitly entered into a new four-year contract with doctors. “This new Meridian framework contract will provide a level of security and predictability that will allow us to better plan our respective practices, with negotiated compensation and benefits that remain competitive.” Other strengths of the contract include an additional $2 million per year for maternity and paternity benefits, an additional $1 million per year for a continuing medical education rebate program, and the extension of an annual fund of $10 million for the physician retention program, according to the memo. There is nothing in Bill 28 that prevents a union from negotiating a collective agreement outside the prescribed wage limits. Indeed, there are provisions that allow wage increases beyond the ceilings for years 3 and 4, when savings can be negotiated in other areas. There is plenty of space for bargains. Manitoba Physicians has reached a new agreement with the province, President Fourie Smith told members Monday in a statement. The treaty is subject to membership approval. Under the new interim agreement, doctors in the province will be allowed to increase their rates in the third and fourth year of their contracts, as required by law, for their other funded agreements, the memo says. All of this has been negotiated.

There was beatings and beatings on both sides and a fair deal was reached for doctors and taxpayers. That`s how it`s done. The letter from Manitoba Physicians states that the new agreement “supports a productive relationship with the government.” In a letter to physicians, Smith said Manitoba doctors have agreed on a new collective agreement retroactive to the Apr.