Usfa Tentative Agreement

Your ASPA bargaining team has been sent to the employer to obtain an agreement recognizing both the needs of its members and the financial relationship in which the employer finds itself. The employer`s response is to try to take advantage of the uncertainty of these periods and to impose a vote on an offer that further limits the ability of members to move in the wage field and prevents future bargaining teams from negotiating. Their ASPA bargaining committee met on October 31, 2019 with representatives of the U of S to negotiate the improvement and renewal of our collective agreement, which expired on April 30, 2019. A second, completely separate plan for training the Austrian police and gendarmes in the use of American weapons was drawn up by USFA headquarters at the request of Chancellor Figl. The aim of this plan is, of course, to enable the Austrian police, who are now heavily under-armed, to deal with an emergency such that it could be created by the protection of the factory or other communist elements. The Austrian Minister of the Interior and representative of the USFA headquarters have agreed on the details of the plan and it is hoped that the general commanding the us zone of the United States and the police and gendarmerie officers of Salzburg and Upper Austria will begin implementing the programme by the end of September. The creation of such a unit in the French zone naturally depends on the approval of the French element, which has been informed of these plans and which is now studying them in depth; The French high commissioner has hinted that he may find the number of men too high and favour a company in any area. Once a tripartite agreement has been reached, the plans of the British, American and French authorities will be notified to determine whether there are any political objections and whether the materials recommended for release are indeed available. If the plans are approved in Washington, London and Paris, they will be subject to austrian scrutiny, which I hope will be the case. The idea of forming a framework for the future army within the police was originally proposed by Julius Deutsch, president of the Socialist Party and a member of the Austrian bipartisan military planning committee, although the U.S.-British plan includes a higher level of control and oversight than the Western occupying powers. The NCC includes four association representatives and four employer representatives. It has the power to negotiate collective agreements, enter into an interim collective agreement with the employer and terminate the employer in writing before the contract expires. Normally, the deadline for applications would fall at the end of September, but our membership recently ratified an interim agreement [PDF, 119 kb.] that amends the terms of the AP/PD fund to allow applications to the fund to offer support for distance education (including the purchase of equipment, software or services).

The above guidelines and application form have been revised to reflect this change. Read more “Attempted agreement reached” → The collective agreement recognizes service to the USFA as part of the equitable division of duties and can be included as a contribution to the university`s administrative responsibilities for examination in college processes.