What Is Any Disagreement Struggle Or Fight

8 Frequent Causes of ConflictSery Values Jealousy and ownership envy conflicts Conflicts Conflicts and Values Lack of Respect Understanding these causes of conflict can help you avoid certain conflicts before they begin. If it seems that a conflict is developing, you can prevent it from escalating. Conflicts can escalate into fights when emotions get out of hand. Feelings such as hurtful pride, embarrassment or a thirst for revenge can make a simple conflict a situation that could be uncertain for all concerned. In some cases, it is best to leave. 22 tips for a successful negotiation Choose time and place carefully. Negotiations should take place when both sides are calm and neutral. Check your facts. Make sure your understanding of the situation is based on accurate information. Plan what you`re going to say. Think about how to frame your testimony with respect. Stay calm.

Think of the other side not as an enemy, but as a partner in the negotiations. Attack the problem, not each other. Avoid accusations and names. Try to keep an open mind. Listen carefully to what the other side has to say. Try to understand the other party`s point of view (even if you don`t agree). Be prepared to take responsibility for your role in the conflict. Excuse me if you did anything to hurt the other person. Remember that your goal is not to “win” but to find a solution that everyone can accept. Be sure to offer a way out of the conflict that will allow the other person to save face. Chapter 13: Prevention of Violence.

Vocable violence, harassment, attacks, assaults, murders, abuse, harassment, sexual violence, sexual abuse. 1 How to treat negative people? 2 Dont Take It Personal Chancesly are the guy who cut you off would have cut anyone off, he didn`t single you out. 21 “I` News “YOU” Message “I” Message “Why can`t you ever appear on time?” “I really don`t like having to wait – it makes me feel like you don`t think I`m important.” “You never listen to what I say.” “I feel like my proposals are not being taken seriously.” “I said I`d take out the trash, and I will! You don`t have to me off every five minutes! “I feel stressed because there is a big project coming tomorrow. I`ll take the garbage off as soon as I`m done working. “You always take my iPad without asking. “It bothers me to go home and find that my iPad is not in my room. “You don`t tell me when your other friends are here. “I feel hurt when I`m let out of a conversation. 5 Responding to conflict – If a conflict occurs, you can either ask it or ignore it. The two main points to remember: your personal health and safety should be your main concern. Freeing yourself from a volatile situation is a healthy and mature decision – it`s not a sign of being a coward. 4 Recognize conflict – What really bothers me and why? Is this a minor or significant problem? What triggers the conflict? “Are there hurt feelings or other unexplored emotions lurking beneath my rage? Have someone`s rights been violated? What do I have in this problem? Does this conflict involve my personal values or beliefs? What`s going on? 34 Violence: the effective use or use of physical force or power to harm another person and damage property. Causes of Violence: Uncontrolled Anger or Frustration A need to control other Hatred or Prejudice against a particular group Retaliation/Revenge Alcohol/Drug Use Irresponsible Problems Use of Weapons Influence of Media Violence Influence of Peers or Family “Many Webs” Lesson 6.13 Created by: Pam Gunter. 57 Drugs for the rape of alcohol, drugs and rapeseed: substances such as rohypnol (“roofs”), GHB and ketamine are sometimes referred to as “date rape drugs” because they can make someone an easier target.